Optimal Seasons: When to Visit and Delight in the Beauty of Lake Como

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The paradise of Lombardy is home to many natural pearls, one of which is Lake Como. Everything is stunning here – from the dreamy surface of the water to the majestic Alps and lush vegetation. Italians love entertainment, so there is no end to tourists. Decide what vacation kind you like and read on to understand when to pack your bags!

If you love flowers… or avoid them

Blooms cover Lake Como in early spring. In March, daffodils appear as yellow chicks on lawns, with colorful tulips gaining momentum towards the end of the month. In April, cherry blossoms enchant with love, and azaleas and camellias complete the symphony by May.

The summer months on the Lake smell of roses and lavender. Chrysanthemums and dahlias open the autumn season. The delicate crocus blooms with a farewell chord in October. Also, pay attention to the following festivals and exhibitions:

  • Tulip Festival in Bellagio
  • Camellia Exhibition at Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo
  • Villa Monastero Flower Festival in Varenna
  • Floralies Exhibition at Villa Erba in Cernobbio
  • Como Flower Festival

Come to Lake Como when your favorite plants bloom to enjoy romantic walks along the ancient villas, inhaling the divine aroma. On the other hand, if you are allergic to flowers, consider the tremendous amount of pollen from March to October. In this case, the optimal seasons for Lake Como tourism for you are November and the peaceful winter months.

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For lovers of noisy festivals

Loud parties are typical of Lake Como. Music and film festivals or historical processions – choose the time to travel to Lake Como to suit your taste. So, let’s look at the brightest celebrations!

Como Carnival

Dates vary from February to March. Expect masquerades, multicolored processions, and street concerts. The Lake will sparkle with new shades and be full of tourists. The main geyser of fun at this festival is the central square – Piazza Cavour. Traditional foods are fritters and fried pastries.

Tremezzo Music Festival

The Music Festival is held in Tremezzo town on the western side of Lake Como. The festival takes place in mid-summer, most often falling in July. Classical music performed by orchestras and ensembles flows like a river. With this accompaniment, you can stroll through the ancient streets and feel the history by touch.

Palio del Baradello

At this May festival, you will fully experience the medieval atmosphere of the city of Como, thanks to a colorful reconstruction of the ancient parade. Knights organize tournaments, and fascinating competitions are offered to visitors. It’s time to delve into history and discover the ghost of the medieval fortress of Baradello, which once stood on a hill nearby.

Como Film Festival

If you love cinema, you should visit Lake Como in June or July (festival dates vary). Como Film Festival is part of the Venice International Critics’ Week. You will delight in films of various genres and durations. Here, you can take part in movie discussions and even meet directors.

Beach holidays and sports

There are no classic sandy beaches on the shores of Lake Como, but there are spots where you can have fun and refresh yourself. Lake Como travel seasons for beach holidays open in May and end in August. In summer, you can do:

  • kayaking
  • windsurfing,
  • fishing,
  • yoga in the fresh air,
  • swimming.

Autumn and spring are suitable for cycling, hiking and golfing. The nearby Alps provide winter activities like snowboarding and skiing.

When are prices lower?

To avoid the influx of tourists and high prices, come to Lake Como in the off-season – late autumn or early spring. In winter, you can come in between the Christmas rush. During festivals and local holidays, the influx of tourists increases. Think beforehand about accommodation and transport to have a large selection at a reasonable price. Use this lifehack at home, looking for great prices on car rentals in the UK in advance.

Christmas fairytale

In winter, Como transforms by wearing a snow coat and decorating itself with lights. Nearby towns host traditional Christmas markets where you can sample the local festive menu.

A procession of colorful boats cuts through the water’s surface, leaving bright reflections. You can combine relaxing walks through the snow-capped mountains with evening celebrations and rejuvenate in one of the many spa centers.


Caring Italians offer tourists vibrant entertainment all year round, so the best time to visit Lake Como depends on your preferences. Come during the off-season or book tickets for popular events to save money. Also, familiarize yourself in advance with the weather in Lake Como in different months to choose the appropriate wardrobe.

Featured image: Pixabay

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