Lake Como: Get Lost in the Beauty of Italy

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Lake Como, in Italy’s north, is one of the premier destinations in the country. It has some of the best that nature has to offer, like stunning views, green countryside, and a blue coast. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to make a visit to Lake Como unforgettable.

Fish for the Day

Lake Como attracts fishermen from all over the world every year. The nice weather and great food are one reason they come, but what keeps them coming back are the trout, pike, and perch. The industry is growing year on year, and its global popularity can be seen not only through tourism but in the entertainment industry as well. There are countless shows on our television screens these days, including Deadliest Catch and Chasing the Sun, while fishing has also recently made the crossover into the gambling world. Games such as Fishin Frenzy Slot give gamblers the opportunity to play fish-themed slot games, bringing the world of fishing to gaming. This crossover into entertainment has benefited fishing tourism, which now caters to fishers of all levels, from those trying it out for the first time, to experienced travelling fishermen.

Chase a View

As one of the most beautiful places on earth, Como has plenty of photo opportunities. These can be from ground level or, even better, from up high. Como’s furnicular is the most obvious choice of transportation if you want to get a picture-perfect scene. Transporting visitors a thousand metres up to the town of Brunate, tourists can expect panoramic views of the lake below and the surrounding countryside. Bellagio is another favourite for visitors looking to add photos to their Instagram, with Via Guiseppe Garibaldi especially popular.

Live Your Best Life

Sometimes there’s nothing like living out fantasies or dreams, no matter how much money they cost. Visiting Como can be done on a budget, but for visitors who want to live like the rich and famous, the opportunity is there. Como is a favourite destination of celebrities, and many rent private boats on the lake. Many tourists may want to do the same, but those looking for a cheaper option can take advantage of the numerous tours of the lake that cruise from town to town.

Tourists can experience some of the best food in the world in Como with a number of Michelin star rated restaurants in the area. Il Sereno Al Lago is especially popular with fine diners as it offers a view of the lake through distinctive arches. Finally, a day treating yourself to the best of the best wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Teatro Sociale to take in an Italian opera. One of the oldest theatres in the north of the country, if the show doesn’t impress, the building certainly will.

Lake Como truly is a gem of Italy. It has everything a tourist could want for either a short weekend break or an extended vacation. While, if by some miracle, boredom does creep in, it is located so close to Milan that a day trip into one of the biggest cities in Italy is certainly possible.

Featured image: Unsplash

Last Updated on 2024/02/03

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