Sandra Milo, Renowned Italian Actress and Fellini’s Muse, Dies at 90

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Sandra Milo, a prominent figure in Italian cinema and a muse to the legendary director Federico Fellini, passed away at the age of 90 in her home, surrounded by loved ones as she had wished. Born Salvatrice Elena Greco on March 11, 1933, in Tunis, Milo’s death was confirmed by her family.

Milo’s career spanned over several decades, featuring in about seventy films. Her first significant role came in 1959 with Roberto Rossellini’s ‘Il generale Della Rovere’, where she played alongside Vittorio De Sica. She also worked with directors like Antonio Pietrangeli, Sergio Corbucci, Dino Risi, and Gabriele Muccino.

Federico Fellini, who affectionately called her ‘Sandrocchia’, cast Milo in two of his masterpieces: ‘‘ (1963) and ‘Giulietta degli spiriti‘ (1965). Their collaboration marked a pivotal moment in her career and Italian cinema.

Milo led a life as dramatic as her roles, from a 21-day marriage at 15 to a 17-year relationship with Fellini. Her personal life, often likened to a film script, was marked by both glamour and challenges. She openly discussed controversial topics, including her support for euthanasia, drawing on personal experiences.

The funeral will be held on Wednesday at 12 noon at the Church of the Artists in Piazza del Popolo. A public viewing is scheduled for Tuesday at the Campidoglio, where her body will lie in state.

Milo’s influence extended beyond film to Italian television and theatre, with memorable performances in shows like ‘Quelle brave ragazze’ and plays such as ‘Il letto ovale’ and ‘Fiori d’acciaio’.

Her children, Debora, Ciro, and Azzurra, announced her peaceful passing in a Facebook post, expressing gratitude to friends and colleagues. Notable Italian singer Orietta Berti paid tribute to Milo, recalling her vibrant personality, elegance, and poetic nature.

Sandra Milo leaves behind a rich legacy in Italian cinema and television, remembered for her dynamic performances, distinctive personality, and significant contributions to the arts. Her life, often mirroring the dramatic and poignant narratives of her films, continues to inspire and resonate with audiences.

Sandra Milo and Marcello Mastroianni

Source: Ansa


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