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Last Updated on 2023/12/12

2023 in Review: What Italians Searched for on Google.

In 2023, Italians used Google to explore a vast array of topics, delving into sports, culture, politics, entertainment, and social issues. These search trends provide a clear picture of the diverse interests and concerns that occupied the Italian public throughout the year.

Sports Figures and Public Personalities

Tennis star Jannik Sinner topped the list of living personalities in Google searches, reflecting Italy’s enthusiasm for tennis and sports. Other prominent figures included footballer Romelu Lukaku, singer and pianist Peppino di Capri, Marta Fascina (partner of Silvio Berlusconi at the time of his death), Democratic Party (PD) Secretary Elly Schlein, and Andrea Giambruno, Premier Giorgia Meloni‘s former partner.

The deaths of significant Italian personalities like journalist Maurizio Costanzo, former premier Silvio Berlusconi, Sicilian Mafia superboss Matteo Messina Denaro, singer-songwriter Toto Cutugno, ex-footballer and coach Gianluca Vialli, actor and director Francesco Nuti, writer Michela Murgia, and actress Gina Lollobrigida also garnered significant search interest.

Cultural and Social Dynamics

Searches related to the Hamas-Israel conflict, artificial intelligence (specifically ChatGpt), and the meaning of terms like “national mourning,” “transgender,” were prevalent. The word “Apayinye,” popularized on TikTok, was also notable among the ‘what does it mean?’ queries.

Searches for “Pope Emeritus,” a title used for a retired Pope, notably Pope Benedict XVI, highlight the public’s interest in the Catholic Church’s traditions and its notable figures. “Armocromia,” the art of color analysis in fashion and styling, also piqued interest

Entertainment: Television, Cinema, and Music

Popular television series like “Mare Fuori” and “Buongiorno, mamma!” dominated Italian Google searches, alongside films such as “Oppenheimer,” “Barbie,” and Paola Cortellesi‘s hit “C’è ancora domani” (There’s Still Tomorrow). Cortellesi, along with actors Chiara Francini and Luisa Ranieri, were among the most searched-for actresses and actors.

Music searches were marked by a blend of international and Italian artists, with tracks like “Due vite” by Marco Mengoni and “BZRP” by Shakira featuring prominently.

Fashion and Lifestyle Queries

The array of searches related to dressing for specific events, from carnivals to weddings and funerals, underscores the importance Italians place on social etiquette and appearance.

Italian top Google searches


1Jannik Sinner
2Romelu Lukaku
3Peppino di Capri
5Marta Fascina
6Chiara Francini
7Elly Schlein
8Andrea Giambruno
9Francesca Fagnani
10Luisa Ranieri


1Maurizio Costanzo
2Silvio Berlusconi
3Matteo Messina Denaro
4Toto Cutugno
5Gianluca Vialli
6Francesco Nuti
7Matthew Perry
8Tina Turner
9Michela Murgia
10Gina Lollobrigida

TV Series

1Mare Fuori
2Buongiorno, mamma!
3Lidia Poët
4One Piece
5Mercoledì (Wednesday)
6The Last of Us
7Terra amara
8Fiori sopra l’inferno
9Ginny and Georgia
10La ragazza e l’ufficiale

Song Lyrics

No.Title (Artist)
1Due vite (Marco Mengoni)
2BZRP (Shakira)
3Supereroi (Mr. Rain)
4Cenere (Lazza)
5Italodisco (The Kolors)
6Made in Italy (Bdope e Rosa Chemical)
7Alba (Ultimo)
8Tango (Tananai)
9Splash (Colapesce e Dimartino)
10Everyday (Anna, Shiva e Takagi & Ketra)

How to Dress (Come vestirsi…?)

1A carnevale
2A un matrimonio con pantaloni
3Per una comunione da invitata
4A un funerale
5A un funerale estivo
6Con 13 gradi
7In gravidanza
8A 50 anni
9In discoteca
10A un matrimonio a maggio

Actors / Actresses
Related: Italian Actresses and actors

1Chiara Francini
2Luisa Ranieri
3Beatrice Luzzi
4Elena Sofia Ricci
5Angelo Duro
6Jenna Ortega
7Brendan Fraser
8Grecia Colmenares
9Massimiliano Varrese
10Paola Cortellesi

What Does It Mean…? (Che cosa significa…?)

1Lutto nazionale (National Mourning)
2Transgender (Transgender)
3Implosione (Implosion)
6Papa Emerito (Pope Emeritus)
7Sinologa (Sinologist)
8Aschenazita (Ashkenazi)
9Armocromista (Chromatologist)
10Sexting (Sexting)

What Is…? (Cos’è…?)

1Hamas (Hamas)
2Diastasi addominale (Diastasis Recti)
3Kibbutz (Kibbutz)
441 bis (41 bis)
5Codacons (Codacons)
7Hangover (Hangover)
8Chat GPT (Chat GPT)
9Striscia di Gaza (Gaza Strip)
10Ittero (Jaundice)

Singers (Cantanti)

1Rosa Chemical
3Marco Mengoni
4Anna Oxa
6Mr. Rain
8Gino Paoli
9Ornella Vanoni

Recipe (Ricetta)

1Lenticchie (Lentils)
4Gnocchi di zucca senza patate (Pumpkin Gnocchi Without Potatoes)
6Tette delle monache (Nun’s Titties)
8Crema caffè (Coffee Cream)
10Pesto genovese (Genoese Pesto)

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