General Vannacci’s Book Sparks National Debate and Official Inquiry in Italy

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Government’s Divided Response to Vannacci’s Controversial Narratives.

From statements like “dear homosexuals, you are not normal” to “I claim the right to hate,” several remarks penned by General Roberto Vannacci in his self-published book have ignited controversy. Both Minister Guido Crosetto and the Army have distanced themselves from these views.

In recent weeks, Italy has been abuzz with discussions surrounding General Roberto Vannacci’s book, “Il mondo al contrario” (The World Upside Down). The controversy has reached such heights that it has led to his replacement as the head of the Military Geographic Institute in Florence and sparked an official investigation into the matter.

The Book’s Content and Public Reaction

General Vannacci’s book has been at the epicenter of a national debate due to accusations of promoting racist, sexist, and homophobic views. While the exact content and excerpts from the book have been widely discussed in various media outlets, the overarching sentiment is one of concern. Many believe that a high-ranking military official penning such views could have broader implications for the nation’s armed forces and its public image.

On the back cover, it reads:

When calling oneself a father or mother becomes discriminatory, uncomfortable, and exclusive because it clashes with those who aren’t parents; when there’s a loud call for the adoption of an ever-growing list of rights without an equally extensive list of responsibilities; when you’re unsure how to refer to a person of color because any adjective related to the obvious shade of their skin is deemed offensive. Many label this state as Civilization and Progress. Well, this book is dedicated to everyone else!

The public’s reaction has been mixed. While some see the book as a reflection of personal views that should be separated from professional duties, others argue that someone in Vannacci’s position should be held to a higher standard, given the influence and reach they possess.

Government’s Response and the Nature of the Inquiry

The Ministry of Defense Crosetto and the Army’s General Staff were quick to respond to the growing controversy. In a joint statement, they announced General Vannacci’s replacement, emphasizing the need to safeguard both the Army’s reputation and the General himself, who has found himself under the relentless glare of media scrutiny.

Do not use the personal delusions of an active-duty general to criticize the Defense and Armed Forces. General Vannacci has voiced opinions that discredit the Army, Defense, and the Constitution,” Guido Crosetto wrote on Twitter. He then announced, “For this reason, the Defense will initiate the prescribed disciplinary review.”

The subsequent inquiry’s nature, as outlined in the Unified Code of Military Order, remains a topic of interest. Investigations in the military can be of two types: summary and formal. The choice between the two often depends on the severity of the incident and the potential implications it might have.

A summary investigation, as the name suggests, is a swift response to an event. It follows a streamlined procedure, ensuring that crucial evidence is preserved and assessed promptly. Such investigations are typically concluded within 90 days, with an appointed officer overseeing the process.

In contrast, formal investigations delve deeper. They are initiated when the gravity of an event demands a comprehensive examination. These investigations can stretch up to 120 days and involve a commission that ensures a thorough probe into the matter.

Given the public resonance of this case and the potential implications for the Italian military’s image, many speculate that a formal investigation might be on the horizon.

Political Divisions and Public Figures Weigh In

The controversy has not just remained a topic of public discussion; it has permeated the political corridors of Italy. The Meloni government appears divided on the issue. Defense Minister Crosetto’s decision to remove Vannacci from his position has been both criticized and supported within political circles.

Matteo Salvini, a prominent and controversial political figure, has been vocal in his defense of General Vannacci. In a statement that drew parallels between Vannacci and historical figures like Che Guevara, Giordano Bruno, and Galileo, Salvini emphasized the importance of understanding and context. He argued that one should read and comprehend Vannacci’s book before passing judgment, hinting at the broader theme of freedom of expression and thought.

Public Sentiment and Broader Implications

The ripple effects of the controversy are evident in various sectors of Italian society. A bookstore in Castelfranco Veneto, for instance, made headlines when its owner, Clara Abatangelo, decided against stocking “Il mondo al contrario.” Such decisions highlight the broader societal implications and the potential influence of public figures on businesses and individual choices.

General Vannacci, for his part, seems to have been taken by surprise by the scale of the controversy. His reassignment from the Military Geographic Institute in Florence marks a significant turn in his career. Whether this move is a temporary measure or an indication of a more extended hiatus from public life remains to be seen.


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