Allegro Non Troppo: Chosen by the Short Films & Animation Branch

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Allegro Non Troppo, Handpicked by the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch.

Experience Bruno Bozzetto‘s Allegro Non Troppo, a tribute to Disney’s Fantasia. Showcasing six vignettes synchronized with classical music pieces. Screening on June 6, 2023.

Bruno Bozzetto, an Oscar nominee for his animated short film Grasshoppers in 1990, takes the helm in this compilation of animated vignettes that pays homage to Disney’s timeless masterpiece Fantasia (1940) while showcasing Bozzetto’s own unique vision and sensibility. The movie is divided into six segments, each synchronized with a classical music piece, including Claude Debussy’s “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun,” Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero,” and Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird.” A particularly poignant highlight is the sequence set to Jean Sibelius’s “Valse Triste,” which focuses on an abandoned cat.

DIRECTED BY: Bruno Bozzetto. WRITTEN BY: Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, Maurizio Nichetti. STARRING: Marialuisa Giovannini, Néstor Garay, Maurizio Micheli, Maurizio Nichetti. 1976. 85 min. Italy. Color. Italian. Rated PG. DCP.

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Openly inspired by Disney’s classic Fantasia, it consists of six animated episodes (plus a final sequence composed of several short clips), each accompanied by a famous piece of classical music, all presented within a live-action black-and-white framing narrative.

Bruno Bozzetto Allegro non troppo
Bruno Bozzetto Allegro non troppo, source

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Last Updated on 2023/05/11


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