Best Italian Travel Destinations for Gambling

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Italy is known for its rich, fascinating history and intriguing, highly influential culture. Many people visit the country to marvel at its historical buildings, and some take time to discover what entertainment the country has to offer. In this case, the article will list the best destinations for gambling in Italy.


Located in the north of Italy, Milan is the country’s second-largest city after Rome and is a vibrant place with a lot going on. It’s one of the top destinations for fashion and is home to impressive museums and galleries, plus some great sports stadiums.

There are also 10 casinos throughout the city. Wincity is right in the city’s heart and is a popular destination for gamblers. Another casino that attracts many people is the Milano Gran Sasso, just a short distance from the city centre. These casinos have hundreds of slots and plenty of gaming tables to play blackjack, poker and other classic casino games.


‌The city of Venice is known, of course, for its vast network of canals. For millions of people, the waterway system is the main attraction. Many people here enjoy going on boat rides along the maze-like canals.

Venice has a total of six casinos. Perhaps the best known of these is the Casinò di Venezia, which dates back to 1638 and is the world’s oldest gambling establishment. Though it’s been entertaining players for nearly four centuries, it has all the modern games today’s gamblers could want, with plenty of games and modern amenities available.


‌As the capital and most populous Italian city, Rome needs no introduction. There are countless sights and tourist attractions, from museums and stadiums to monuments and ruins.

‌As for casinos, the city isn’t home to that many. Most of the larger casinos in Italy are located in other cities. Rome does, however, have several small gaming halls and venues. Even though these can’t match the big casino resorts, they’re still worth visiting if you’re in the city.

Civitanova Marche

This is a small commune located along Italy’s east coast. It’s a holiday destination whose beaches, theatres, and historical buildings attract many people from near and far away. It has just one casino: Casinò Le Palme Civitanova, which has been open for nearly nine years.

Like the others on our list, this Italian settlement has more than enough gambling opportunities to satisfy everyone’s needs. There is certainly no shortage of casino games in Italy, however if you do not get the chance to visit any of these casinos while in Italy, games like blackjack, the Tizona slot or baccarat can also be found online.


It can be fun to relax after a day of discovering Italy’s culture and history with a nice dinner or even some casino games. These Italian cities are home to some incredible casinos, and if you happen to be travelling to any of them soon and fancy a spot of gambling, you know which casinos might be worth a visit.

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