Life-Size Marble Statue of Hercules Discovered in Scott Park near Appia Antica in Rome

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Uncovering the Past: The Discovery of a Life-Size Marble Statue of Hercules in Scott Park during Sewer Conduit Overhaul

The Appia Antica Archaeological Park announced on Facebook the discovery of a life-size marble statue, identified as a figure in the likeness of Hercules, found in the Scott Park area of Rome. Another discovery, significant for Italian artistic heritage, has been made just a few months after the important archaeological find in San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena).

The park, located between Cristoforo Colombo and Via Appia Antica (The Appian Way), has been undergoing a significant overhaul and remediation of the sewer conduit by Acea Gruppo con Bacino sud SRL. The collapse of the outdated pipeline, dating back to the last century, had resulted in the formation of dangerous sinkholes in the park and landslides on the hillside. To address this issue, a comprehensive and complex intervention was necessary, including extensive earthmoving and subsequent restoration of the area’s elevation profile and planting of new trees, as agreed with the Appia Antica Regional Park.


Scott Park, which holds significant natural and archaeological value, is located near the Sepulchre of Priscilla on the second mile of the Via Appia Antica. The construction site, which has reached a depth of 20 meters below ground level, has been constantly monitored by an archaeologist coordinated by officials from the Appia Antica Archaeological Park. Recently, after weeks of excavating topsoil that yielded no artifacts of interest, a surprise discovery was made: a life-size marble statue, identifiable as a depiction of Hercules due to the presence of the club and lion skin on its head.


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