Bergamo and Brescia, Italian Capital Of Culture 2023

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The Italian Capital of Culture 2023 will officially launch in Bergamo and Brescia on January 20th-22nd.


The two cities will showcase the power of culture to unite and create, as well as promote well-being. The theme “Culture as a Cure” will be central to the program, featuring events that promote inclusivity, acceptance, and care. The President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, will attend the opening ceremony in the “Enlighted City”. The Cities of Bergamo and Brescia, alongside cultural organizations, non-profits, and care institutions, will work together to support the vulnerable and encourage active participation in citizenship for all ages through art and culture.

The Bergamo Brescia Family Friendly project aims to provide cultural experiences for families and children throughout the year, under the theme “2023 – WHAT A SHOW!”. The opening events from January 20th to 22nd will feature performances by a children’s choir singing a song created through a participatory process involving local artists and students. Other programs will highlight music and dance, such as “Land Music” honoring Covid victims and “Agorà. Neighbouring Cities”, a popular participatory dance show by choreographer Virgilio Sieni. The project also includes theater and health-related initiatives, such as “Silent Days, White Nights. The time of Care,” a performance by healthcare workers of Bergamo Hospital sharing their experiences during the pandemic, and “Culture Care” by Teatro19 Brescia, which promotes psychiatric rehabilitation through theater workshops. The event is supported by major partners Intesa Sanpaolo and A2A, system partner Brembo, and area partner SACBO, as well as institutional partners the Culture Ministry and Fondazione Cariplo.


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