Barletta Castle

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The architectural stratifications caused by the succession of several reigning families from the 11th century to the 18th century may be seen in the Barletta Castle, which is located in the Apulian city of the same name.

It was formerly a defensive stronghold surrounded by a sea that filled the castle’s moat and protected it from prospective enemy invasions. Now, the castle serves as both a strategic hub for town life and a key urban hinge. In addition to a conference and exhibition hall, it also houses the city library and the civic museum.

The Sarcophagus of the Apostles, a stone high relief that dates from the time between the third and fourth centuries, is one of the works that have been preserved, along with an alleged 13th-century limestone bust of Frederick II of Swabia. It is the earliest proof of Christianity in Barletta.

Featured image: Barletta castle seen from the southeast, after Spanish interventions


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