La Mothe Castle, Aosta Valley

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La Mothe Castle is a medieval castle located in Arvier, Aosta Valley.


There are two castles in Arvier; the other is the Montmayeur castle. The structure was first referred to in the records of the 1287 feudal homage, during which Aymon de Arviero took his oath of office. According to historian Jean-Baptiste de Tillier, it would get its name from the noble Savoyard Aymar de La Mothe, who served as Count Philip of Savoy’s secretary and is rumored to have wed the De Arverio family heiress at the end of the 13th century. It was acquired by the d’Avise family in 1306 or 1409, who preserved it as a maison de plaisance. The noble Sarriod de la Tour family and the less illustrious Lostan family were then left in charge. Because of their neglect, the castle was already in ruins and being used as a barn or stable for farming or pastoral uses by the early 18th century.

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