Quart Castle

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Quart Castle is a medieval castle located in Quart in the Aosta Valley, northern Italy.

The village of Vollein, situated on a hill below the castle, contains the earliest traces of human habitation in the Aosta Valley, including the remains of a Neolithic necropolis discovered there in 1968. At the mouth of the Valsainte, on a promontory that is steep on all sides, rises the castle of Quart. The founder of the lords of Quart dynasty, Jacques de la Porte de Saint-Ours, built its oldest portion in 1185. When the Savoy dynasty took control of the castle after Henri, the last heir of the family of the lords of Quart, passed away in 1378, significant changes were made. The castle was still under Savoy authority in 1550 when Duke Charles II opted to give the Quart fief to President Laschis, who then sold it to Charles-François Balbis the following year.

The castle was once more sold in 1610, this time to Count Nicola Coardo. Two years later, he gave it to the Perrone family of San Martino, who kept it until 1800, when the estate was sold to the town of Quart.

Lithograph of the Castle of Quart, in the Aosta Valley, dated 1822-23
Lithograph of the Castle of Quart, in the Aosta Valley, dated 1822-23, Authors:  A. Aglio and T. Baynes (source)
Château de Quart
Château de Quart (source)
Castello di Quart by Rab Lawrence
Castello di Quart by Rab Lawrence (source)

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