Castello Gizzi, Torre de’ Passeri

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Gizzi Castle is a fortified palace in Torre de’ Passeri, Pescara Abruzzo.

On the ruins of one of the Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria’s defense towers from the 12th century, Marquise Smeralda Mazara of Sulmona constructed the castle in 1719. The castle is made up of a complex that includes the main structure, a side structure, a wine cellar, and an eight-hectare park. The primary structure comprises four levels. The Mazara family’s coat of arms is displayed above the stone gateway on the main front, which is topped by a balcony.

Five medieval arches stand next to the facade, and a 4th-century B.C. sarcophagus and imperial-era column remnants may be seen in the square in front of the castle.

Featured image: wikimedia


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