Castello ducale, Pescosansonesco

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The Castle of Pescosansonesco Vecchio is located in Pescosansonesco Nuovo, Pescara, Abruzzo.

The old village of Pescosansonesco is mentioned in 983 by the Abbot of Casauria Adam I as being in the possession of Count Sansone. In 1264 the Swabians built the new castle, which then passed to the Cantelmo family of Popoli until 1571. Ownership of the castle later passed to the Valignani family of Chieti and the D’Afflitto family of Tocco until the 1700s, when the castle was damaged first by the 1706 earthquake and then ruined in part by the 1933 earthquake. Today some walls remain, along with a group of fortified houses.

Featured image: wikimedia

Last Updated on 2022/11/01


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