Castello di Roccascalegna

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The castle of Roccascalegna is a medieval castle in Roccascalegna, Chieti, Abruzzo.


The majority of the castle’s construction took place between the 15th and 16th centuries, when the Angevin and Aragonese troops were at war with one another. From the San Pietro plain, a steep flight of stairs leads to the entrance, where the drawbridge’s ruins can be seen. The Tower of Sentinel is a tower located on the right. The chapel has a gutter to collect rainwater, which drains into a tank, and the courtyard leads to the prison tower, the Angevin tower, and other towers. A steep ramp leads to the brick and stone masonry watchtower, which has apertures on all four sides. The overhanging rocky mountainous site of the castle is encircled by castle walls. The castle was a key location in the Matteo Garrone-directed movie Tale of Tales.

Castello di Roccascalegna
Castello di Roccascalegna (source)

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