Castello di Monteodorisio

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Castle of Monteodorisio is a Middle Ages castle probably built by the Normans in Monteodorisio dating back to the 11th century, Chieti, Abruzzo.


The castle is located in the tallest area of the settlement, providing a good vantage point for seeing potential enemies as well as a route of escape. Only the northwest and southeast sides of the trapezoidal shape are currently visible, together with three towers situated on three of the four cardinal points. The southern portion of Largo Castello and Piazza Umberto I were really destroyed towards the end of the 19th century to make room for the construction of the municipal palace, along with a keep that now sits above the contemporary aqueduct tower.

The Sinello River’s whole or processed river pebbles mixed with clay are used to build the castle, which is especially evident in the towers’ design. The towers have windows and a circular scarp design. The walls in the northern section are four meters thick, 14 meters high, and have splayed gun holes. A sizable round-arched window is located at the highest point of this facade. This area is the oldest, along with the towers.

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