Castello di Gamberale

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Castle of Gamberale is a Middle Ages castle in Gamberale, Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy.


The castle is located at a height of roughly 1350 meters. The fortification and a church honoring St. Michael were constructed in the 12th century or more. Before the Neapolitan nobles of Capua arrived and took over from the Gamerrano monks, there existed a tiny Norman watchtower that was later extended. The castle-fortress served as a jail and a command center to rule the valley in following years. It was taken by the Nazis in 1943 when they fled to Castel di Sangro during World War II. Over the years, explosions and earthquakes have severely destroyed the castle.

The castle features a rectangular central body with one side in a semicircle, like an apse. The huge columns of the facade portico, the paving of the area in front, and the stone ramparts have all endured centuries of damage.

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