Castelfraiano, Castiglione Messer Marino

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Castelfraiano is a Middle Ages castle on the top of Mount Castelfraiano in Castiglione Messer Marino, Chieti, Abruzzo.


The original building was built in the 12th century, not far from the Minor Conventuals convent complex, which is now the Church of the Madonna del Monte, located further downstream in Feudo di Lupara. Although its main function was to protect the Ateleta-Biferno sheep trail that traveled through here, this hilltop stronghold also controlled the headwaters of the Sinello and Treste rivers and the entrance from Monteferrante to the Sangro Valley.

The castle had a trapezoidal-shaped enclosure, and on each of its two short sides, remnants of a rectangular-plan tower can be seen that was virtually leaning on the outside walls. On the other side, a rectangular-shaped projection can be seen in the center position. The castle had a total size of 250 square meters and measured 25 meters long by 10 meters deep. There was probably a tiny farmhouse linked to the main building. Its remains are currently visible.

Featured image: wikimedia

Last Updated on 2022/10/29


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