Cantelmo-Caldora Castle

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Castello Cantelmo-Caldora is a Middle Ages castle in Pacentro, Province of L’Aquila.


The castle was constructed before the 14th or 15th century because this was when its initial reconstruction was carried out. Given the age of the truncated tower located to the northeast of the castle, the most widely held theory is that it was built between the 11th and 13th centuries.

The Orsini family constructed round towers, which was the primary renovation that was finished in the second part of the 15th century. Additionally, this is the timeframe for the building of the wall with a trapezoidal foundation. The castle’s foundation has a trapezoidal form. Towers with square bases are located at the corners; as of this writing, only three remain. Three round bastions are also present. The 17th-century castle front opens into a plaza where the Saint Mary Major church is situated.

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