Palazzo Santucci, Navelli

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Palazzo Santucci, also known as the Baronial Palace, is a Renaissance fortified palace in Navelli, Province of L’Aquila (Abruzzo).


The palace dates back to the 8th-10th centuries when as a result of the phenomenon of castellation the population gathered around a castle built on the hill of present-day Navelli. The castle was surrounded by a wall, currently totally incorporated within the village. The Baronial Palace was built in 1632 at the request of the feudal lord Camillo Caracciolo on top of the ancient castle’s remains. Up to the end of the 1700s, this structure served as the home of the several feudal lords of Navelli who succeeded one another. As a result, it acquired names like “Castello Trasmondi-Tomassetti”—from the name of the village’s last feudal family—and “Palazzo Santucci,” after its final owners. The palace has a sizable courtyard inside with a focal well. A two-story staircase leading to a loggia can be seen on the palace’s western side. There are traces of an enclosed moat all around the palace.

Palazzo Santucci, Navelli Images

Palazzo Santucci, Navelli (source)
Palazzo Santucci, Navelli
Palazzo Santucci, Navelli (source)

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