Castle of Ortona dei Marsi

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Castello di Ortona dei Marsi is a Middle Ages castle overlooking the Giovenco valley in Ortona dei Marsi, Abruzzo.


The tower in the fort’s center and the crumbling city walls are all that is left of the castle. Ortona dei Marsi, which has its historical roots in the Italic city of Milonia, is strategically situated on a pass that connects the Fucino plateau and the Sagittario valley to the east. The oldest historical records of Ortona dei Marsi are from the 12th century: the Celano counts were the first owners of the fief. Later, the fief was acquired by the Cantelmo family in the 15th century, Francescantonio Paolini in 1666, and the Massimi family in the 18th century before becoming their property.

The tower, which has a scarp foundation and a cylindrical shape, was built onto the castle in the 16th century so that the feudal lords could maintain control over the community and ward off any uprisings from the populace. Access to the tower is through an entrance raised from the ground located to the north; on the opposite side is an opening with a slit.

Ortona dei Marsi Castle (source)

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