Castello Orsini, Massa d’Albe

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Castello Orsini is a Middle Ages castle located near the medieval village of Albe Vecchia in the municipality of Massa d’Albe.


The castle is close to the archaeological site of the Roman colony of Alba Fucens, which was constructed in the fourth century B.C. following the Second Samnite War, as well as the later medieval village of Albe, which served as the county capital of Alba and was nearly completely destroyed by the Marsica earthquake of 1915.

The castle, which was strategically placed to control the original Via Tiburtina Valeria route, was rebuilt by the lords of Albe before being destroyed in retaliation by Charles I of Anjou, victor of the Battle of Tagliacozzo, in 1268. The Orsini family then began reconstruction of the castle in 1372.

The castle served as the location a Nazi headquarters of the German army between the Gustav and Caesar lines during World War II.

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