Piccolomini Castle, Celano

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Piccolomini castle (Castello Piccolomini) is located in Celano, Province of L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy.


The castle was constructed over a period of time. The castle’s walls and the first two stories of the structure were constructed in 1392 by Pietro De’ Berardi. The four corner towers and the main level were constructed in 1451 by Leonello Acclozamora. The current structure was finished in 1463 by Antonio Todeschini Piccolomini, who also improved the castle’s outer walls and added an open gallery to the second level of the courtyard.

The succeeding dynasties in the castle, including the Sforza-Cesarini and Dragonetti families, did not make any more changes to the building’s design. A substantial renovation began in 1940, was postponed during World War II, picked back up in 1955, and was finished in 1960. In addition to housing a museum of holy arts, the structure is now home to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities’ headquarters.

Celano castle Piccolomini
Celano Castle Court

With its longest sides facing north and south, the main structure is rectangular in shape. A well is located in the interior courtyard, which has a colonnade surrounding it. The structure is guarded by irregular walls with several towers, some of which have a squared layout and others with a trunk-conical shape.

Celano Castle
Piccolomini Castle, Celano (source)

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