Castle of San Pio delle Camere

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The Castle of San Pio delle Camere, known as Castello di San Pio delle Camere in Italian, is located in San Pio delle Camere, Abruzzo.

The San Pio delle Camere castle was first mentioned in writing in 1173, when the Barons of Poppleto (now known as Coppito) held sway over it. Later, the House of Caracciolo came to control it. The fortress, which was built atop San Pio delle Camere, served as a safe haven for locals and their animals in times of peril. The condottiero Braccio da Montone‘s attack in 1424, which also involved the fortress of Barisciano, left the castle in its current form.

The castle’s design is an enclosure, and it was built in two parts, the first of which involved building the tower and the second of which involved erecting the walls. An equilateral triangle and a square make up the tower’s floor layout. The walls have a triangle layout with a tower at the top and lesser towers positioned throughout. The heightening of the walls, which most likely occurred in the 14th century, is one example of how the castle’s construction has been altered multiple times.

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