Castle of Carsoli, Abruzzo

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Carsoli, Province of L’Aquila, is home to the medieval castle known as Castello di Carsoli (Abruzzo).


In the early fourth century BC, the Roman colony of Carseoli (or town of Carsioli) was located nearby in the neighboring town of Civita di Oricola. The medieval village of Carsoli was constructed as a group of homes centered on the church of Santa Maria in Cellis. In the tenth century, the village was destroyed by the Saracens, and between 996 and 1000, Count Rinaldo of the Marsi is said to have built on the Sant’Angelo hill watchtower. From there, the tower underwent expansions with the building of walls in accordance with the layout of the castle yard, with the most recent being the renovation of Anjou in 1293.

Count Rainaldo gave the monastery of Subiaco the land of Carsoli and the Santa Maria chapel in Cellis. Later, the castle was possessed by Albe accounts, Tagliacozzo barons, the Orsini family, and the Colonna family until 1806, when feudalism was overthrown. The castle has thick walls and an “L”-shaped floor layout. Since there were poor storage conditions for millennia, the interior has been lost. The large guard tower is still standing.

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