Castle of Bugnara, Castello degli Scorpioni

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The Castle is located in the upper part of Bugnara, called Rocca Scorpione or Colle San Nicola.


It was built in about the 7th century as a watchtower and later was fortified. The De Sangro family, who also held the fiefdoms of Anversa degli Abruzzi, Frattura Vecchia, and Palena, owned the fortress in 1361. King Alfonso created the royal customs of Aragon in 1442, which significantly increased the amount of money flowing into the castle of Bugnara. The fortress was acquired by the Scorpioni of Penne in the sixteenth century, getting its current moniker.

After being damaged by earthquakes in 1706, 1933, and the Comino Valley earthquake in 1984, the structure was deemed unsafe and left unoccupied until more damage was brought on in 2009. Due to its transformation into an aristocratic house, the castle currently has little of its original medieval architecture. The palace’s rectangular ground layout includes fortress fortifications, access to the interior courtyard, and a doorway leading into the main building. Funds were allotted for rehabilitation in 2018.

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