Castle of Barisciano, L’Aquila

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The Castle of Barisciano is a medieval fortress that was built in the village of Barisciano, L’Aquila, on top of the Selva mountain.


The fortress was constructed somewhere in the eighth century in a key location on the Navelli plateau, with access to the Gran Sasso d’Italia. It was expanded into an enclosure fortress in the 13th century to house the populace in case of danger. The condottiere Braccio da Montone stormed and destroyed the fortress on April 23, 1424, while that city was under siege. The stronghold had contributed to the establishment of L’Aquila. It remained a part of L’Aquila until 1529, at which point it was an aristocratic family fief. It was abandoned as it lost its defensive use in the sixteenth century.

The chapel of Saint Rocco, which is home to the saint’s wooden statue and some paintings, was constructed next to one of the castle’s towers as a memorial to the plague that took place in 1526. The rectangular-shaped castle enclosure has a one-kilometer circumference. There were eight towers total, with the primary pentagonal tower situated at the highest apex and the remaining towers distributed along the curtain wall. Even though they weren’t occupied on a long-term basis like the castle, there are remnants of additional buildings inside the walls.



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