Orsini-Colonna Castle, Avezzano

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The Orsini-Colonna Castle is a castle located in the Abruzzo town of Avezzano.


The 14th-century building constructed around the ruins of the 12th-century medieval tower erected in 1181 by Gentile di Palearia and was modified in Renaissance style by Gentile Virginio Orsini in 1490. The fortress was improved and enlarged in the 16th century by Marcantonio Colonna. The castle was severely damaged in the 1915 Marsica earthquake, although it was largely repaired in 1994.

At each corner of the square structure are four circular towers that serve as defense. Additionally, a circular tower that is now gone stood in the center of the internal courtyard. The castle featured a drawbridge and a moat. The Colonna family constructed the current main entrance to commemorate the victory at Lepanto.

The fortress was designed against possible revolts of the local population. The manor was most likely designed by the military engineer Francesco di Giorgio Martini, in those years in the service of the Orsini family. The Avezzano building in 1546 was at first enlarged by Marcantonio Colonna and later transformed into a fortified palace by the victor of the Battle of Lepanto. Thanks to the intercession of Marcantonio Colonna already during the 16th century, theatrical activities were held in some rooms and basements of the castle.

Orsini-Colonna Castle, Avezzano
Orsini-Colonna Castle, Avezzano, image source: wikimedia

Featured image source: wikimedia


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