Pax, the Goddess of the Peace

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Pax, which translates to “peace,” was the name given to the Roman version of the Greek goddess of peace Eirene.

Pax was believed to be the child of the goddess Justice and Jupiter. In the early republic, Pax was a divinity that wasn’t widely acknowledged since she had little to do with Roman philosophy. The early empire and the rule of Augustus Caesar saw the height of pax worship. As an attempt to solidify his rule and communicate to the population that the years of civil conflict and unrest that were associated with the decline and collapse of the republic had come to an end, Augustus instituted Pax. This gave the wrecked empire calm and direction.

Denarii, which were in circulation to commemorate a pact signed between Rome and Epirus following the Samnite wars, featured the first images of peace ever to appear on currency in 137 BC.

Featured image: Depiction of Pax on the Ara Pacis


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