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According to several ancient texts, the Roman goddess Fauna is either Faunus’ wife, sister, or daughter, the Roman counterpart of Pan.

She was seen by Varro as Faunus’ female equivalent, and he said that all fauni have prophetic abilities. Additionally known as Fatua or Fenta Fauna. The feminine version of the Latin god of the countryside, Faunus, is given the name Fauna. Faunus and Fauna were described by Varro as prophetic deities. Servius links Faunus and Fatuclus and claims that his wife is either Fatua or Fauna, deriving their names from the same root as Varro, fari, which means “to talk” and means “because they may prophesy the future.” According to Macrobius, the Books of the Pontiffs (pontificum libri) described the goddesses Maia as having the names Bona Dea, Fauna, Ops, and Fatua.


Flora, The Goddess of Flowers and Springtime

Faunus, Pan, Innus, the God of the Forest, Plains and Fields

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