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The Roman goddess Cura, whose name means “Care” or “Concern,” was the one who gave birth to the first person.

Both the personification and the narrative for his Fabulae appear to have been invented by Hyginus. Cura collected clay as she crossed a river and started to shape it while thinking. Jove showed up while she was considering the creations she had already crafted. Cura pleaded with him to give it “breath” or “spirit.” He refused when she sought to give her creature her own name, saying that it must bear his name instead. In the midst of their argument, Tellus got up and demanded that it be given her name as she had made her body accessible for it.

Saturn is the one who eventually passes judgment. He decides that since Jove had handed him the spiritus, he should inherit it at death; Tellus, or Earth, would acquire the body she had provided; and since Cura, or Care, had created the object in the first place, she would retain ownership of it for as long as it lived. Because it was composed of humus, or earth, the word homo, or “human creature,” would be the answer to the argument.


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