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Verminus was the Roman deity who guarded livestock against illness in Roman mythology.

The Indigetes, who the Romans subjugated in 218 BC during their invasion of Hispania, may have left behind the god. In 151 BC, consul (or duovir) Aulus Postumius Albinus erected an altar to Verminus. This altar was found at 1876 and was kept in the Rome museum of the Antiquarium Comunale. It has been suggested that an inscription honoring the deity from the second century was written in response to an upsurge in human worm illnesses. On the other hand, veterinarian M. According to Cordero del Campillo, it was caused by an infectious sickness that was rife and affected both people and animals. On Rome’s Viminal Hill, a Verminus altar was found.



Vertumnus, the god of gardens, seasons changing and fruit trees

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