Suada, Suadela

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Suadela, or Suada, was the goddess of persuasion in Roman mythology, especially in the areas of romance, seduction, and love.

She had a close relationship with Venus. Her Greek name was Peitho, and she was revered as a goddess at Sicyon, where she had a temple built in the agora in her honor. Being a member of Venus’s entourage, she is occasionally referred to as one of the Graces or is listed among them. The married pair needed five gods, according to Plutarch, who noted this in his Quaestiones Romanae (part of the Moralia): Nuptial Jupiter, Nuptial Juno, Venus, Suada, and above all Diana, whom women invoke after giving birth.

Featured image: Suadela, Goddess of Persuasion, from the Goddesses of the Greeks and Romans series, issued by Wm. S. Kimball & Co.



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