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Ancient Roman religion incorporated the god Soranus, who was also an Etruscan, Faliscan, Capenate, and Sabine deity.

He was adored On Lazio’s Mt. Soracte. Underworld gods like Dis Pater revered the location as sacred. After his cult was absorbed by Apollo, the followers of Apollo Soranus were known as Hirpi Sorani (“wolves of Soranus”, from Sabine hirpus “wolf”). They performed firewalking and carried the sacrificed animals’ guts about during rituals. Soranus had a female companion, Feronia, whose shrine was next to his, and was sometimes confused with Dis Pater, a Roman god of the land, earth, and Hades, or with Apollo, a Greek deity who the Romans embraced.


Silvanus, the god of woods and fields


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