Laverna, the Goddess of Thieves & Impostors

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Laverna was a goddess of Roman mythology and protector of thieves and impostors and associated with the underworld.

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Liquors were poured with the left hand to appease her. An ancient Italian divinity named Laverna was originally one of the afterlife’s spirits. A cup discovered in an Etruscan tomb has the inscription “Lavernai Pocolom,” and Laverna is specifically referenced in connection with the di inferi in a passage of Septimius Serenus. She quickly evolved into being seen as the defender of thieves, whose activities were linked to the shadows. She had a grove on the Via Salaria and an altar on the Aventine Hill, next to the gate that was named for her. In order to carry out their schemes successfully without jeopardizing their reputation for piety and honesty, criminals called upon her assistance.


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