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Febris, which means “fever” in Latin, was a goddess in Roman mythology who not only personified but also guarded against fever and malaria.

Febris traveled with two of her daughters or sisters, Dea Tertiana and Dea Quartiana, who represent the tertian and quartan malarial fevers that recur every three to four days. The goddess Febris is one of the apotropaic (turning away) goddesses (Latin: Dii averrunci) who has the ability to impose or eradicate a particular evil. People with fevers flocked to the temples of Febris. People wore amulets in those temples. The phrase “Febris diva, Febris sancta, Febris magna” was used to call her (Goddess Fever, Holy Fever, Great Fever). Amulets were frequently worn in her temples by people. She may have originated from the Roman god Februus.

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Februus, the god of of purification

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