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Angerona or Angeronia was an ancient Roman deity in Roman religion whose name and roles are widely interpreted.

She is occasionally compared to the deity Feronia. She was a goddess who, according to historical accounts, rescued the Romans and their flocks from angina or soothed men’s pain and sorrow. She served as Rome’s protector goddess and guardian of the city’s holy name, which was forbidden from pronouncing should her enemies learn it. Even Angerona itself was believed to be this name. According to contemporary researchers, Angerona is the goddess of the new year and the setting sun, or similar to Ops, Acca Larentia, and Dea Dia. The day after Christmas, on December 21, she held a festival known as Divalia or Angeronalia.

In the temple of Volupia, the goddess of pleasure, where a statue of Angerona with a finger on her gagged and shut lips stood, the priests sacrifices were presented. At Faesulae, where she was worshipped as Ancharia, an altar dedicated to her was found in the late 19th century.

Featured image: Angerona, Schlosspark Schönbrunn, Wien, Wilhelm Beyer


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