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Agathos daemons, sometimes known as agathodaemons, were ancient Greek deities.

Similar to the Roman genii, they were supernatural or personal companion spirits that brought good fortune, fertility, health, protection, and knowledge. A gem carved with magical symbols depicts images of Serapis with a crocodile, a sun-lion, and an Osiris mummy surrounded by the lion-headed snake Chnum-Agathodaemon-Aion, with Harpocrates on the reverse. In the syncretic environment of Late Antiquity, agathodaemons could be associated with Egyptian bringers of security and good fortune.

Featured image: A restored Agathodaemon sculpture in Roman marble known as “Antinous Agathodaemon,” which was acquired in Rome in 1760, (Staatliche Museen, Berlin)


Aeracura (Erecura)


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