Aeracura (Erecura)

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The goddess Erecura, sometimes known as Aerecura, was revered in antiquity; she is frequently seen as having Celtic ancestry.

Her traits are most typically those of Proserpina, and she is linked to the Roman underworld deity Dis Pater, as shown on an altar from Sulzbach. Although the goddess may be of Celtic descent, it is unclear if the name is Celtic or even Indo-European in origin.

Lendering believes that her religion originated in Illyria, expanded from Aquileia, and was only able to cross the Danubian and Rhenish borders thanks to Roman forces stationed there. She is shown alongside Dis Pater in a statue discovered in Oberseebach, Switzerland, as well as in a number of magical manuscripts from Austria, twice with Cerberus and once, most likely, with Ogmios. Along with her chthonic emblems, she frequently has fertility symbols like a cornucopia and apple baskets. She is thought to resemble the Greek goddess Hecate, as the two have names that are similar.

Featured image: Figurine dating from the 2nd or 3rd century A. D. found in Stuttgart, Germany




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