The Mediterranean, A Sea of Culture Conference in Naples

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The Mediterranean Ministers of Culture Conference, scheduled for June 16 and 17, in Naples, intends to focus on cultural diplomacy in a critical area for global balance. Over 60 hybrid delegations representing Euro-Mediterranean governments, competent European institutions, international organizations, and prominent non-governmental groups are anticipated to participate.

The goal of the Naples Conference is to create unified policies and measures to safeguard and strengthen culture as a common good of the Euro-Mediterranean region, as well as to begin a “Naples Process” for Mediterranean cultural collaboration.

The protection of cultural heritage from damage caused by international crises and illicit trafficking will be discussed, as will the contribution of the cultural sectors to the fight against climate change, the role of culture in sustainable development and achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda goals, international mobility, and the training of artists and culture professionals.

Adoption of new European Union initiatives dedicated to promoting culture in the Mediterranean in line with the strategic objectives of the New European Agenda for Culture and the New Agenda for the Mediterranean are possible outcomes. The conference will take place in the famous Palazzo Reale di Napoli and San Carlo’s theatre.


Last Updated on 2022/06/11


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