Face masks will remain compulsory in Italy in some indoor venues until mid-June

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Italy has ordered the use of masks at some indoor events until the middle of June.

Until June 15, ace masks will be required on public transportation and in some indoor events in Italy, according to the health minister, as one of the countries most struck by COVID postponed the end of pandemic restrictions.

Masks will still be necessary to attend cinemas, theaters, indoor events, and hospitals, according to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who also stated that the government aims to proceed with caution in easing the remaining restrictions.

From May 1, health certificates proving vaccination or recent recovery from coronavirus will no longer be required to get access to a wide range of facilities, including restaurants, gyms, and public transportation, according to the government.

Italy was the first Western country to be struck by the epidemic, with 163,244 fatalities so far, the seventh-highest total in the world.

Infections decreased in the first part of April, but instances of COVID-19 have increased in recent days, according to research by the Italian think tank Gimbe.

Over 65 percent of Italians have had a third booster injection, despite the fact that 84 percent have received the necessary two vaccination doses.

Featured image: The first batch of Coronavirus taskforce nurses has left to assist Italy’s health systems. (source: Wikimedia Commons)



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