Temperature of 48.8C sets new record high in Italy and Europe

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Record-breaking heat in Italy. The country records its highest temperature, 48.8C in Sicily

Temperatures soared in Italy today, with Floridia in Italy recording the highest temperature in the country, a staggering 48.8C.


It was measured by the Sicily Region’s Agrometeorological Information System this afternoon at 2 pm in Floridia, a town in the province of Syracuse, and it snatched the record that had been held since 1977 by Athens. Sicily, central and southern Italy and part of northern Italy are under the influence of a current of torrid air from the Sahara that has caused temperatures to soar to levels never before recorded.

It is the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

The record is currently unofficial. It will have to be reviewed and approved by the World Meteorological Organization who, thanks to Arizona State University, keep an official list of the world’s extreme weather events.

In the coming days, temperatures will not improve in the south, while the African anticyclone that brings extreme temperatures will move northwards.

Last Updated on 2021/08/11


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