Italy creates New National Agency for Cybersecurity

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The Italian National Security Agency provides coordination on security and intelligence issues of strategic importance across government.

The Italian President of the Council of Ministers will have exclusive “senior management and overall responsibility for cybersecurity policies, including to protect national security in cyberspace.”

An inter-ministerial cybersecurity committee and cybersecurity core are also established at the agency and in support of the premier. The rule was approved by the Council of Ministers.

The National Agency for Cybersecurity (ACN) is a public body, with the primary purpose of “coordination between public actors involved in cybersecurity at the national level” and to promote “the implementation of joint actions aimed at ensuring cybersecurity and resilience for the development of digitization of the country, the production system, as well as for the achievement of ‘autonomy, national and European, with regard to products and processes of strategic importance to protect national interests in the field.

The need for a modern regulation of cybersecurity is necessary both to fulfill European obligations and, above all, to secure the infrastructures connected with the realization of the investments triggered and guaranteed by the Recovery Plan, said the Italian lawmaker Enrico Borghi.

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Last Updated on 2021/06/11


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