Woman says kidnapped son is now UAE sheikh

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(ANSA) – BARI, APR 13 – An Italian woman says her son,
kidnapped on the Salento peninsula in Puglia in 1977 at the age
of six, is now a fabulously wealthy Arab sheikh.
    Bianca Colaianni told Corriere della Sera she had recognised her
son Mauro Romano as Sheikh Mohammed Al Habtoor, 52, son of the
UAE magnate Khalaf Al Habtoor, by “a couple of scars on his
body: one on his eyebrow, and the other on his right hand, which
he got with an iron”.
    “I hope it’s him,” Colaianni told ANSA Tuesday, “because it
would mean that he’s still alive and no one ever killed him”.
    A DNA test would solve the riddle of his identity, Corriere
said, but so far the emir has refused to take one.
    Mauro’s relatives are now planning to go to the Dubai to force
the sheikh to take the test with the help of the Italian
consulate there.
    His parents have never stopped looking for Mauro since he went
missing from Racale near Lecce on June 21, 1977.
    Thanks to their tenacity, investigations have continued and
recently found that the alleged kidnapper was a 79-year-old
former barber who abducted the boy and allegedly passed him on
to two individuals who have not yet been identified. (ANSA).


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