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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 13 – The government plans to give all
Italians the use of ultra-wide broadband within five years,
Technological Innovation Minister Vittorio Colao said Tuesday.
    He said Italy wanted to set a five-year target for goals which
the EU has set at 10 years from now.
    “We want to be more ambitious and we’re setting five-year
targets: by 2026 we want 70% of the population to be using
digittal ID and be digitally able, bring 75% of the civil
service to use Cloud services, reach at least 80% of public
services supplied online and have 100% of households and firms
reached by ultra-wide broadband”, the former Vodafone chief told
    The digital transition, he told the Lower House, must be “radical, pervasive and long-term”. (ANSA).


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