Mattarella marks 160th anniversary of Italy-US relations

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 13 – President Sergio Mattarella issued a
statement on Tuesday to celebrate the 160th anniversary of
formal relations between Italy and the United States.
    “In the year that the Italian Republic celebrates the 160th
anniversary of the country’s unification, we also mark 160 years
of diplomatic relations between Italy and the United States of
America, which commenced on April 13, 1861,” Matttarella said.
    “Since then, we have traveled a long road together. our deep
friendship has grown progressively over the past seventy-five
years, taking root in our shared commitment to the values of
freedom, peace and democracy. the constant and productive social
and cultural exchanges between our peoples nourish it, as does
the contribution made by the large and active community of
Italian origin in the United States of America, and by U.S.
    citizens living in our country.
    “A bond that sees us committed, in a firmly transatlantic
perspective, to supporting and promoting civil liberties and
democratic principles, within a framework of international
security and stability aimed at promoting economic development
and social progress.
    “Unprecedented global challenges spur us, once again, to join
our wills and energies at the national and international levels,
as well as in multilateral fora that have proven effectiveness
of action over the decades.
    “It is my sincere hope that Washington and Rome, together also
in their response to present challenges, will continue to
strengthen their closeness, and further develop their
collaboration in support of shared values.
    “In this spirit, I am pleased to extend my warmest wishes for
the future of relations between our two peoples, and my deepest
appreciation to all those who, through their efforts, contribute
to promoting the ties between Italy and the United States of
America”. (ANSA).


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