Major clashes between police, protestors in Susa Valley

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 13 – There were major clashes between
protestors against the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail project and
the police at San Didero in Piedmont’s Susa Valley overnight.
    Police were pelted with stones and flares as work got under way
for a new lorry park linked to the A32 Turin-Bardonecchia
    The police responded with tear gas and the clashes lasted a
couple of hours.
    The protestors had rushed to the scene due to fears a NO-TAV
base was set to be demolished, sources said.
    A number of police officers, workers and protestors were
injured, the sources said.
    Protestors in the Susa Valley has staged a long and sometimes
violent battle to try to stop the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail due
to its impact on the environment. (ANSA).


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