Cop arrested for trying to frame commander with coke

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(ANSA) – MILAN, APR 13 – An Italian local police chief was
arrested Tuesday for trying to frame his commanding officer by
putting cocaine in her car after she failed to recommend that he
continue in his job.
    Salvatore Furci, currently local police chief at Trezzano sul
Naviglio near Milan, had won a competitive exam to become local
traffic cop chief at another town near Milan, Corbetta.
    But he did not pass his period of probation, also because of the
negative rating from his commanding officer, Lia Vismara.
    As a vendetta he then had an Albanian accomplice place several
doses of cocaine in her car, police said Tuesday.
    The Albanian, Mariglen Memushim, has also been arrested.
    The pair have been charged with aggravated calumny and
possessing narcotics. (ANSA).


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