31 indicted over free hospital tests for friends

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, APR 13 – An Italian judge on Tuesday sent to
trial 31 doctors and staff in a Caserta hospital ward accused of
giving tests to friends fee of charge and also handing out other
perks including trips to Capri and to see a Juventus Champions
League game in Turin.
    The alleged graft was led by ex clinical pathology head doctor
Angelo Costanzo and his wife and close assistant Angela Grillo,
judicial sources said.
    Also indicted were Vincenza Scotti, head of a well-known medical
lab at Caivano near Naples and the sister of Camorra mafia
hitman Pasquale Scotti.
    It was during a probe into Scotti’s fleeing from justice that
wiretaps showed the existence of the hospital ward “totally
given over toe graft and granting perks,” police said. (ANSA).


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