Woman, 22, thrown out of home due to lesbian affair

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(ANSA) – FLORENCE, APR 12 – A 22-year-old woman has been
thrown out of her home near Florence after telling her parents
she was in a relationship with another woman.
    The woman, Malika, was thrown out of the house at
Castlefiorentino late last week.
    She has received support from popstars Fedez, Mahmood and
Elodie, the latter of whom has contributed directly into a
crowdfunding effort to help her out.
    After he case was reported by Le Iene TV show last Thursday, the
campaign on the GoFundMe platform has now reached over 27,000
euros, sources said Monday.
    It is helping pay for Malika’s psychological care and for the
legal costs of her female cousin, who launched the campaign and
who is now suing Malika’s parents.
    “Malika’s story is sadly not an isolated case,” said GoFundMe
European chief Elisa Liberatori Finocchiaro, voicing the hope
that a bill against homophobic violence now before parliament
would be swftly passed despite opposition from rightwing
parties. (ANSA).


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